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Sandra Booker 


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Reviews for She Can Be Evil. 

"A gut-wrenching odyssey through love, betrayal, rage and recovery."

-Dr. Nora Fahlberg, author Finding My Innner Warrior 

“She cuts you to the quick, unveiling how stunningly and insidiously the victim becomes the villain.  Sandra Booker is the voice of every woman who exhausts her very essence to be heard.”
-Ernest Sears, author Detox Your Circle

“She Can Be Evil – A Survivor’s Story” is a triumphant chorus. A howl of determined and undaunted anger from a  woman with more spirit that anyone could have known. Perhaps, even her.

-Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NohoArtsDistrict 

Presented by the Whitefire Theatre and
Black Voices Solo Theatre Festival.
Streaming on Vimeo now.  Click SCBE to view.