Jazz Musicians Against Cancer

Welcome to the Jazz Musicians Against Cancer (JMAC Fund) was started in November 2016 in response to being diagnosed with kidney cancer as a means of emotional therapy to deal with the disease while helping others find the necessary resources and aid to live with and beyond cancer.


This page is dedicated to assisting fellow jazz artists living with and surviving cancer and their families through through music and art. Our mission is to promote cancer awareness, the importance of early screenings detection, universal healthcare and wellness. Please join us! 

JMAC Foundation would like to thank weSpark Cancer Wellness Center, Cody Bryant and Viva Cantina's, Brian Kessler and Andrea Berry for your help in making this happen. We would like to extend a very special "thank you" to the wonderful musicians (Joe Bagg, Lyman Medeiros & Robert Weiss) for donating their time and talents to launching this cause. Life: Awesome! 

Jazz Musicians Against Cancer kicked off it's first crowdfunding campaign on January 16. To make a donation, click on JMAC Foundation. 


To make a donation of support to me directly as I continue my battle with cancer, please click on  Sandra Booker v. Cancer. Thank you!